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Doctoral sandwich Scholarship Full-time

de Wageningen University; Instituto Superior de Agronomia em Lisboa (Publicado em 20-05-2020)


Call for PhD Scholarships

Ref DeSIRA_hydraulics

The School of Agriculture (ISA), University of Lisbon opens a call for applications for the award of one (1) Doctoral sandwich Scholarship, within the framework of the project ?Mangrove, mangrove rice and mangrove people: sustainably improving rice production, ecosystems and livelihoods? funded by the European Commission through the DeSIRA Program [as defined in the contract of the project refª FOOD/2019/412-700, DeSIRA_GB], under the following conditions:

Scientific area

Hydrology, Civil engineering (water-related), Environmental engineering, Water Management Science?

Eligibility criteria

  • MSc degree in Hydrology, Soil physics, Civil engineering (water-related), Environmental engineering, Irrigation and water management engineering.
  • Affinity or experience with field site experimental and with interdisciplinary research.

Specific requirements

Preference will be given to candidates who have:

  • Proven experience with open water hydraulics, or coastal hydrology
  • Experience in using R, Matlab, or similar software
  • Good communication skills with peers and laymen (including poorly educated farmers)
  • Willingness to live in the rural areas of Guinea-Bissau
  • Willingness to learn Guinea-Bissau Kriol
  • Previous experience in rural Africa.

Work Plan

After the academic year at WUR (9 months), the successful candidate will participate in the activities of the project ?Mangroves, mangrove rice, and mangrove people - sustainably improving rice production, ecosystems and livelihoods?, namely: a) Study of the water management techniques in mangrove rice fields, namely dike and dam construction among the Balanta and the Felupe/Baiote; b) Identification of the main constraints/problems triggered by climate change; c) Study of the hydraulic infrastructure introduced by ProGB development project with the technical knowledge of the French paludiers (salt marsh workers), identification of possible weakness and presentation of solutions to be tested with farmers; d) Teamwork with other PhD students of the project; e) Writing disciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific articles with other PhD students of the project. During the fourth year (9 months), the candidate will return to WUR and finalize the writing of articles and of the dissertation. The PhD will be awarded by Wageningen University.

Applicable law and regulation

Research Fellowship Holder Statute, approved by Law no. 40/2004, of 18 August, subsequently amended and republished by Decree-law no. 202/2012, of 27 August, later updated by Decree-Law no. 233/2012, of 29 October, by Law no. 12/2013, 29 January, and by Decree-Law no. 89/2013, of 9 July, and by Decree-Law n.º 123/2019, of 28 August.

Workplace and scientific supervision

Notwithstanding any displacements that may be required within the scope of the tasks to be performed, the first 9 months will be spent at Wageningen University (dedicated to the academic training and PhD program elaboration), the next 30 months will be carried out mostly in Guinea-Bissau (data collection), but some time may be spent at the School of Agriculture, University of Lisbon (ISA-U. Lisboa) or the IRD (France). The final writing of the dissertation will take place at WUR during the fourth year (last 9 months).

The PhD will be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Jeroen Vos (WUR), with informal collaboration of the PI of the project (Dr. Marina Padrão Temudo).

Duration of the scholarship:

The duration of the scholarship is annual, extendable to a maximum of four years, and will start at the beginning of the academic year 2020-2021 at WUR.

Beneficiaries: Who can apply to this call:

  • National citizens or citizens of others EU Member States.
  • Citizens of third-party states, holders of a valid residence permit or beneficiaries of a long-term resident status in any EU Member States.


The amount paid will be in accordance with the scholarship values? table awarded directly by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) Research Fellowship Regulation, published in the Regulamento Nº 950/2019, Diário da República No. 241, Series II, 16 Dezembro. The value of the scholarship will be ? 1 074,64 (one thousand, seventy-four euros and sixty-four cents) during the research period in Portugal and ? 1 883,65 (one thousand, eight hundred and eighty-three euros and sixty-five cents) while abroad. During the period spent at Wageningen University (18 months), the candidate will be paid (? 2150, two thousand, one hundred and fifty euros) by the WUR budget of the project ?Mangroves, mangrove rice, and mangrove people - sustainably improving rice production, ecosystems and livelihoods [as defined in the contract of the project refª FOOD/2019/412-700, DeSIRA_GB]. The scholarship will be paid monthly by bank transfer. The university fees will also be covered by the project budget of each university.

While in Portugal and Guinea-Bissau, the doctoral candidate will be entitled to personal accident insurance and, if not covered by any social protection scheme, can ensure the exercise of the right to social security by joining the voluntary social insurance scheme, under the terms of Code of Contributory Regimes of the Social Security System.

One travel to Europe will be paid per year during the fieldwork period in Guinea-Bissau.

Selection methods and their valuation

The selection methods to be used will include grading on a scale of 0 to 20 based on the following components: curriculum assessment (70%) and motivation letter (30%).

The candidates? CV will be evaluated considering the following parameters: Relevance of the training area (30%), relevance of professional experience (50%), scientific publications (20%).

By decision of the jury, the top three pre-selected candidates may be invited to an interview. In this final evaluation phase, the first assessment component will weigh 70% and the interview will weigh 30%.

The jury may not award the scholarship if no candidate with the appropriate profile is found.

Jury Composition of the call

President ? Jeroen Vos (Associate Professor at Wageningen University/The Netherlands)

Effective Member ? Sjoerd van der Zee (Professor at Wageningen University/The Netherlands)

Effective Member ? Paul Struik (Professor at Wageningen University/The Netherlands)

Substitute Member - Luís Sanches Goulão (Assistant Professor at the School of Agriculture of the University of Lisbon)

Substitute Member ? Petra Hellegers (Professor at Wageningen University/The Netherlands)

Form of publicity / notification of results

The results will be communicated to the candidates by email.

Application Deadline

The call is open from 25.05.2020 to 12.06.2020.

Documentation to be submitted

  • Detailed curriculum vitae.
  • Statement of interest (motivation letter).
  • Copy of the certificate (s) of academic qualifications with the final grade and grade obtained.

The omission of any of the elements will be reason for exclusion of the contest.

The documentation must be sent by email to the e-mail addresses: [email protected] and [email protected], indicating the reference DeSIRA_hydraulics

15th May 2020 ? The President of Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Professor Doutor António Guerreiro de Brito

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