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Project Manager / Scrum Master (m/f) Full-time

de Frotcom em Lisboa (Publicado em 06-11-2019)

The Project Manager will coordinate the internal resources towards the flawless execution of software development sprints, ensuring that all stories are correctly planned and then delivered on-time, complying or overcoming customer and FCPs expectations. The Project Manager will also cooperate with the account managers to establish an adequate channel for FCPs to deliver their requests and collect estimated times to deliver.

  • Work in close collaboration with the SW Development team, enforcing Scrum methodology principles;

  • Improve the coordination between scrum teams, as well as between the scrum teams and other company areas: account management, marketing, quality assurance, etc.;

  • Improve the monitoring of the various scrum processes, tracking the execution of stories and providing a better forecast of development times for those stories;

  • Participate in the implementation of several measures towards the optimization of the development methodology used in Frotcom International;

  • Organize team meetings defined in Scrum;

  • Make sure the development team is registering all work being done in Jira, to anticipate delays in the cases where the sprint tasks are being superseded by unregistered ad-hoc tasks;

  • Spot and refer delays to the product owner, in cases when the sprint is running out and there is still a high number of story points to be delivered;

  • Make sure stories are completely defined in their functional analysis before development starts;

  • Give FCPs a board where to follow the big blocks to be delivered in the short/medium term;

  • Interface with FCPs in order to inform them of when the requested features are forecasted to be delivered;

  • Understand when some development takes more time (or less time) than estimated and see what can be done to correct it;

  • Spot when stories are closed and then reopen, finding the reasons for that and correcting them to avoid repetition;

  • Follow up closely the issues found during the sprint review, as well as their impact on the following sprint;

  • Select/collect all stories that will be released into Preview the following week.


Job requirements:
  • Experience in Scrum methodology

  • Experience in the use of computer tools such as Jira in the management of software projects

  • Computer Science Degree or Engineering Degree

  • 3+ years? experience in Software Project Management

Personal skills:
Teamwork; Leadership; Communication; Critical thinking; Attention to detail; Organization; Accountability.

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